The Kurdistan Sardar Pishdare Your Voice Will Be Heard... James Comey did Robert Holley in Chicago Get the Fax? I Know The Senate Intel Guys David Grannis & Jack Livingston Got it... More Will Get Info Until Sardar Pishdare & America Gets RESPECT....

Sardar told me things that are NOW getting in the mainstream media...

He told me Saddam's daughter helped fund ISIS... that is NOW proven true.  I blogged about it BEFORE that was public.  Instead of telling me issues that are "sensitive - classified" I've told him to tell the FBI - the Senate Intelligence Committee and Dan Meyer the IC Whsitleblower.

I've learned that some in US intel knew Sardar was "credible" but instead of listening to him and other honest Kurds companies like Blackwater bullied those that did not "go with the program" and that was done for corporate profiteering. Haley Barbour made money in the UN Oil for food program that was laced with fraud.  Kurds that needed the aid never got it... still hundred dollar bills were shrink wrapped put into helicopters and "dumped" who got the money?  Those that needed food did NOT.  Sardar Pishdare speaks the truth and details are going to the feds. Those linked to Haley Barbour, Tony Hayward have not done what was in the best interest of America.  Sardar is better to America than the executives at Halliburton, CIA operatives & others that ignored him. Today he speaks... he tells the USA that Turkey made money on the war the US paid for... Why not the US?

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Dear Sharyn, my anger come from this: USA lost over 200 Billion dollars and lost 10 000th US serves man to remove Saddam Husain, they have not med one dollar out of it, but Turkey without lost one dollar and one solder even the don’t sport the USA during the war, but Turkey med over 300 Billion dollar after the war and they teak over the Kurdish Oil truth Barzani.