DOD Whistleblower Learns GOP is Bullying Her Wants James Comey & the FBI To See if Kline Preston Used His Contacts as President of Marsha Blackburn's PAC to Slander Her.... Or is it Haley Barbour & Henry Retaliating Against Sharyn For Supporting the NOT Corrupt Candidate in Mississippi- What Happened to Me is Ridicules... If People Give Money to the GOP NRCC Their Giving Money To Cyber Bullies!!!

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Washington Post Article about NRSC fake News Websites Shows GOP CYBER bullying Whistleblower via the NRCC-this is ridicules 
Date: August 14, 2014 at 10:03:03 PM CDT
To: "" <>, Michael Dorris <>, "" <>, Mark Silverman <>, Arthur Brooks <>

I thought the CIA was doing whacky stuff to me via Google and fake news websites BUT it's the GOP - can someone investigate I need to find a job and the headline the GOP used makes me look like a member of the Koch family.. If they would like to adopt me I'm OK with that BUT I'd rather be adopted by a Kennedy cause their kids don't have to work "real" jobs:):). 

So someone please tell Reince Priebus his kids at the NRCC to STOP! 

Did they do the phony website cause I KNEW Haley helped Thad Cochran steal an election & blogged about it?

Or cause I exposed Cheney & Rumsfeld linked to "faux" intel used to go to a 10 year war?


Look at how many REAL views I got:):)

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