DOD Whistleblower Makes Suggestion to Chuck Hagel, James Clapper, James Comey (FBI), Stephen Preston (DOD), Mike Vickers, David Grannis (SSCI), Jack Livingston (SSCI) & President Obama --- AMERICANS Told Me They Want NO Taxpayer Money Going to IRAQ Unless We Get a Percentage of the Oil Profits... Pls Make That Happen. It's NOT Fair for Foreign Oil Companies To Profit & the Expense of Average America

If Iraq wants America to help....
Here's the deal 
it's gonna cost a LOT of money to fix Iraq and people in the Oil industry and funded ISIS.  I believe Tony Hayward & Genel are instigators (my source a 7 year US Army Intel asset).  Kurdistan is hiring lobbyist & the American people need one. We need to have ALL pre ISIS oil contracts "void"... oil is sold out of "1" central source and 20% of all profits go to the "Iraqi Unification and Protection Project" and that funds a new US base in Kurdistan. Tell the Iraq gov. to "take it or leave it"....  We will protect them BUT they can't reward those funding terrorist in return for OUR help. It's the ONLY way the Americans will even consider going back.  Seem like the last time we had "boots on the ground" American got NOTHING. Part of that was the fault of "greedy vendors & bad management" That was put  in place in 2003-2007.   

The region’s energy boom was threatened when Islamic State took control of a vast swath of northern Iraq and neighboring Syria. The militants have been fighting Kurdish forces known as peshmerga just 50 miles (80 kilometers) from Erbil. Donations of weapons and ammunition to the Kurds and airstrikes by U.S. fighter jets have helped slow their advance and restore confidence in the security of the region.
Oil companies including Chevron Corp., Marathon Oil Corp., and Afren Plc evacuated personnel and halted drilling at the beginning of August. Genel Energy Plc withdrew “non-essential staff” from some of its oilfields, but said that its production was unaffected. DNO ASA may miss growth targets for its production levels, also citing service companies that evacuated workers as the cause of delays.