Carla Wallach of Greenwich Connecticut Gives Best Description of a Moderate Republican Sharyn Bovat Has EVER Read. Lets Hope Reince Priebus, Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie & the GOP Establishment Sans Haley Barbour (Who I Hope is Retiring?) Listens to the Moderate Republican Fringe - the Fact is in the Next Election Cycle "We Matter" ... New Website VoiceofaModerate.GOP Launching Soon & Here's a Preview

What is a moderate Republican?  "... He or she believes in gay rights, abortion (one can be personally against it as I am but will not deny it to others), universal health care (we're getting there), lower corporate taxes (we're the highest in the developed world), reduce size of government (one issue handled by 28 different offices, etc.) increase military capability so we can once again be the most powerful country in the world sufficiently feared that no one will dare to harm us or our allies), sensible environmental support, desperately needed infrastructure funds, all-out exploration for energy to provide independence from the Middle East, selected farm subsidies (yes to individual farmers no to mega companies)...." Carla Wallach Greenwich Time

  1. Wallach: The hushed voice of the moderate Republican ...

    Greenwich Time
    2 days ago - It is depressing being a member of a vanishing breed but that is what I am. Hopefully they're not dead but hibernating like polar bears ...

    Coming Soon: - currently it's redirected to a blog with my "rants" the new blog "new media" company will be more professional & have guest writers.  I'm currently looking for a millennial republican that believes in climate change to do a monthly article please call me (Sharyn Bovat) at 615-944-7599

    VoiceofaModerate.GOP  this website targets the audience that Carla Wallach so artfully describes.