Reince Priebus Tell This to Your Establishment Elitist the Voice of a Moderate (Whose Fiscally Conservative Yet Supports Gay Marriage & is Pro Choice) Endorses Ed Gillespie Because Congress Needs "Fresh Ideas" Ed;s Healthcare Proposal is the Best Alternative to Obamacare I've Seen - Do NOT Understand HOW it Can Help My Demographic BUT it Takes Away Barriers that Have Hurt Others. It Brings Back a Free Market Individual Driven Healthcare System.

A few weeks ago I woke up early on a Saturday morning just drive out to Lorton VA  to watch Ed Gillespie speak at his Senate campaign HQ. I wanted to hear his speech on the economy- EG2 and it was impressive but just another stump speech.  
The event impressed me with the availability of Dunkin Donut's coffee.  Sitting next to his wife I knew Ed was a good decision maker Cathy Gillespie is "grade A"  but this voice of a moderate makes very few endorsements because she tries to be "objective".... so Ed had to "wow" me to get my endorsement.  Also how I'm respected by a candidate and campaign makes a difference on an endorsement too.  Still pissed off that Ed's campaign minions blocked me from twitter (when i don't like something i tweet it) that made me fear that he would NOT listen to voices that counter the opinion of his.  Then Ed did the honorable thing he broke the NRSC "selfie" with single women rule.  That put him at neutral & the new proposed Obamacare alternative made Ed Gillespie the 2nd politician I'm supporting in this election.  

Stafford County Sun-Oct 13, 2014
What i really don't understand is I'm a GREAT op researcher and the Clinton campaign wanted me .... Why does the GOP not?  It's like do we really have to get along ALL the time?