*** Republicans Win.... Is It Bush's Fault? *** Karl Rove, Reince Priebus I Think Jeb Bush NOW Can Run for President... I Say That Cause I Need a Job & This Might Be Clinton Big Donor Asked Me About Jeb Saying "He's the ONLY Clinton Alternative"... So Have Him Run and Give Me a Job... Win-Win:):) Ya'll Should Cut Ed Gillespie a Big Check He Proved He's Got Meat in His Dish.. He Did Great Now He's the Heir to the Next GOP Race in Virginia ...

 Last Night I had "hope" Ed would win.... What he did win is he's the RIGHTFUL HEIR to the next Senate seat up in VA or he can run against my cousin Terry:):)

Guy asked me today "if" I'd consider doing research for Jeb....I thought about it & I like Florida in the winter time:):)
Call me - 615-944-7599

just don't put me on any team with Henry Barbour.... that is "if" you want the GOP to "respect" diversity:):)