Ed Gillespie, Karl Rove, Sal Russo Other GOP Operatives Looks Like Moderates Want Change... Using Same Technique Done to Accurately Call Ed Gillespie's Senate Margins (I Said He'd Lose By Less Than 4 Points LAST May) I Did 2016 Presidential Hopefuls Who Connect to Moderate Voters.

Ya'll I was right about Ed Gillespie, if he ran for president he'd probably get a 6-7 too.  I'm looking for sponsors for the new website. political pulse checks is what I specialize in. Currently I'm collecting data on the demographics views on climate change (data coming in is NOT what I expected.... seems like women care more about American energy independence than the planet).  

Voice of a Moderate’s opinion polling puts a number to the reactions about various 2016 possible contenders Elizabeth Warren’s, Rand Paul’s & Ted Cruz’s higher than expected “excitability number” comes from desire of political change women in their 30’s - 50’s who reliably vote & not committed to a particular party. The low rating of Chris Christie is identified of women not trusting him & Marco Rubio is seen as a political “panderer” the importance of this research is this is a key demographic in the 2016 race for the White House. 

Call Sharyn Bovat for details on the new website:  615-944-7599
Please send me an iMessage first so I will answer the call.

HELLO people that want me to do this, I'm just one person & there's a lot to do so interns are needed. 

Anyone interested in learning CIA communications techniques i learned from Bill Lacy's people & used in the 80's when collecting data done to get America to want to fund the Contras call me.  The interns must be open minded and able to interact (start conversations) with people in casual settings.  It's a learning opportunity for an extrovert.  One that needs to have a good memory. No notes can be taken while taking the survey's for pure "reliable" data the target can't know their being surveyed. This is how we get the accuracy of a very expensive poll done at a rapid pace BUT the technique must me done by people capable of the process. 

 Below are issues people have asked for data on.