***Clarification*** James Comey is the FBI Investigating the Deaths of Allen Overland & Brian Sant Angelo of the Export Import Bank: Fred Hochberg YOUR former Employees deserve to have their deaths investigated.


 iSaid on video the men looked to be in their 30's. 

I was told both looked healthy the week before.....

What are the odds?

 Senator Richard Shelby said he did NOT know about the 2 dead Export Import Bankers.  BOTH were young and healthy. One did loan origination in IRAQ and the other Archieves. I was told "foul play" is obvious.

James Comey Is the FBI investigating?

I have names of other DC staffers that just "died" and i think some corrupt people are scared.  ALL deaths need to be investigated especially WEIRD ones. LOTS are linked to Haley Barbour cronyism.  I was poisoned & it's people connected to Colin Powell that saved my live.  There's an internal battle of control going on in the CIA/MIC clique and it's getting ugly. A LOT of mysterious deaths including Ryan Loskarn. In the last 4 years 1/2 dozen people that communicated to me DIED..... that seems a bit odd?

Steve Maroon the Marketing Director of the Export Import Bank did NOT deny that they bank is a CIA linked agency used to "build good will".... let me tell you... he told me a LOT. Out of respect for him I will only talk about things that HURT America.

Steve Maroon was Best Friends with Brian Kelley of the CIA Steve Maroon has a blank in his Linkedin Profile for the years during the Lockerbie Bombing cover-up.  Steve Maroon has a security clearance (why would a marketing guy need one?)  Steve Maroon LIED to me many times.....  Steve Maroon told me in late October/early November he didn't know "who" Haley Barbour was and ask me to remind him what he did.  HALEY BARBOUR is a lobbyist lobbying to "save" the Export Import Bank....  Steve Maroon urged me before the election to NOT blog about a tip I got about Haley Barbour corruption linked to the Thad Cochran campaign. Senator Cochran heads the appropriations committee and it seems as if his staff "lives" in Haley Barbour's pocket.

Steve Maroon became my friend in October but didn't tell me he met my mom & knew Tom Lundell the con man that married (my mom became his 5th to 6th wife) Tom had a gambling debt (Hollywood Casino BUCK REVELL wanted my mom muzzled - i was living in the Netherlands during the Clinton framing of Megrahi. Steve Maroon DIDN't tell me that his ex wife Patty Mascari hired Honora Precourt the daughter of the con man that married my mom during the Lockerbie Cover-up part 2 (the Clinton Cover-up done with Tony Blair).  whose brother Jeff helped Tom Lundell steal hundreds of thousand from my mom. Jeff is a pool player/taxi cab driver & now I hear wanna be squatter (people are protecting my mom's house from Jeff). Both my mom & Uncle Bill who was chief pilot of Pan Am got Demention after I whistle blew. I was told that since my grandparents BOTH lived to be in their late 80's and early 90's there's no way BOTH of their kids (the ONLY two that did CIA work) could both get dementia.  

My sister used to work for Ted Stevens & the Denali Commission and I fear for her life. Too much weird shit happens with the MIC/CIA clique is scared.  

I've got a LOT more
the CIA?MIC clique is connected to the cover-up of JFK's death and the bullying of Martin Luther King.  I gave Ryan Loskarn info and a week later he was arrested for porn. I was told he was "most likely" framed.
He was gonna "talk" and his indictment delayed and then he killed himself. James Comey has "that" been addressed. Also Barbara Boxer's office knew that Ryan Loskarn did not have a security clearance or a background check. Ryan bought the porn in 2010 the Feds knew he bought it in early 2011 and Lamar Alexander hired him to be Chief of Staff in 2012- Ryan Loskarn was hired to be the Chief  of Staff making 169k a year with NO background check and no security clearance. Senator Alexander heads the Energy Committed and serves on DOD related committees. I've learned that the limited porn purchases could have been done for "someone else".... I was told in 2012 the Treauser of Marsha Blackburn's PAC Kline Preston had a porn problem. Tom Ingram is the "link"....

"....Worse i was told my lawyer did not represent me properly cause he had a porn problem (when i was told that I thought he read too many playboys).

FYI - my ex-lawyer knows this guy - Ryan used to work for my ex congresswoman Marsha Blackburn..."   
Click yellow link to read entire email

i will show in the next few weeks HOW ExIm is linked to the Lockerbie Cover-up.... The connection is a Boeing exec that told me that they (Boeing) took the "hit" for the TWA 800 crash.  It happened in 1996 when Bill Clinton was running for re-election and Boeing allowed for the "spark" scenario because they were promised a BIG contract in the next war.  I later learned that Boeing got MORE ExIm loans after that cover-up. I'm waiting for a MSM agency to report that story. It was the cover-up of TWA 800 that forced the Clintons to "proceed" with the trial of the names Lockerbie scapegoat. I'm not saying Libya didn't play a role I'm just saying that they released the guy on comppa