Happy Friday - Good News For James Comey & the FBI This "Free Speecher" Was Threatened But NOT Arrested For Taking Pictures & Videos with My iPhone (it was on SILENT) at the US Capital During the Fred Hochberg's Export Import Public Hearing I Stood Up for My Right's & Congressional Staffer That Said it Was ILLEGAL to Take Pics with iPhone Backed Down.

Obviously the Export Import elite are mad at me for "this" ...  what was odd is that I was told taking iPhone pics & videos were "illegal" during a public hearing after i had been doing it for over 2 hours. I think my tweets were pissing off congress. Guess they'll have to learn "to deal with it" Americans have the right to tweet:):) 

I had been sitting quietly in the 2nd row next to an ExIm employee who was delightful, it was the lady pictured to the right that confirmed that Latrell "prepped" Fred and they had a focus group. Another employee made a joke & said "whose relatives?".... that's relevant cause Fred said he just got the info at 12:50 (something).  Stephen Maroon the Marketing Director had told me that Exim used taxpayer money for focus groups fro the new logo & that bothered me. ONLY did I speak up when the former Marketing Dir (who I dated from Oct - Jan) told me that 2 men died over Martin Luther King weekend and both healthy the Wednesday before.

 Stephen Maroon even sent me the email Fred Hochberg sent to the banks employees offering grief counseling and I sent that info to the FBI. I later learned that due to my actions wire-taps most likely happened. (I didn't even knew the FBI still did those...I thought it was all digital, James Comey If I'm wrong let me know 615-944-7599). Anyway I've been a "thorn" to those seeking the banks reauthorization

 & he confirmed BOTH dead ExIm bankers were perceived healthy prior to both of their mysterious deaths during Martin Luther King weekend. He's leaving the bank and headed to a job in the defense industry and is a really good guy. I'm grateful that ethical people at ExIm are finding work for good private sector companies.  I've been told the bank has had a mass exodus of skilled employees and Fred Hochberg has had to hire a LOT of newbies. 

Check out these videos from yesterday.