James Comey i just CC'd the FBI on an Email to US Chamber Execs Telling Them I Got PROOF the People That Bullied Me Linked to the Export Import "Weapons" Issue. I'm SCARED of Being Bullied More BUT I've Got ETHICAL Members of the US Army on My Side & They HATE Ex Marine Generals that Become Pitchmen for Venders Hawking Weapons. Everyone Knows General James Jones is the "Go To Guy" for Crony Capitalism & We Need to Pass Laws That Say Generals Can't Be Lobbyist for 5+ Years After Retirement ....

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@icloud.com>
Subject: New DOD Whistleblower Brocuher accuses US Chamber of Malicioulsy Bullying Her Because They Want the Export Import Bank to Insure Weapons Deals & Sharyn Bovat wants NOTHING More Than a JOB w/Healthcare & to NOT live in Fear 
Date: May 21, 2015 at 11:29:36 AM PDT
To: "kchoksy@uschamber.com" <kchoksy@uschamber.com>, "press@uschamber.com" <press@uschamber.com>, "europe@uschamber.com" <europe@uschamber.com>, "mchorlins@uschamber.com" <mchorlins@uschamber.com>, "partner@uschamber.com" <partner@uschamber.com>, "pchase@uschamber.com" <pchase@uschamber.com>, "southasia@uschamber.com" <southasia@uschamber.com>, "rtowle@uschamber.com" <rtowle@uschamber.com>
Cc: washington.field@ic.fbi.gov, Mark Silverman <4msilverman@gmail.com>, Michael Dorris <michael.dorris@credit-suisse.com>

YOU people at the Chamber can keep bullying me BUT I want it on record the trucking industry connected to the Chamber’s President has terrorized me for 6 years and you can see a you tube video by going to my new website