Former Karl Rove Operative Trained Op Researcher was CORRECT & Carly Fiorina WON the JV GOP Debate & Fox News Execs look Like BIG PRICKS For Leaving the ONLY Woman Running OUT of Prime Time. Reince Priebus Said "We've Got a Diverse Line-up in Prime Time" WTF Having NO WOMEN is NOT DIVERSE. Do You Idiots Want Women to NOT Vote Republican Cause That's the Message I'm Reading. Ya'll We're GRADE A Stupid for Leaving Her OUT of the Debate.

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: ACU Debate Party 
Date: August 4, 2015 at 10:37:09 PM EDT
To: Spencer Brown - ACU Intern <>


Hello & ii'm sorry to tell you I'll miss attending the ACU debate party with GOP hopefuls in attendance I did look forward to meeting them BUT it's a 6 hour drive from Pentagon City & the only woman candidate whose one of the most articulable in the field & whose one of the most accomplished is not on the main stage, ya'll at the ACU know how awesome Carly Fiorina is because she used to be one of your top leaders, sadly most of the GOP voters that watch Fox News won't get the opportunity to see her do what she does best and that's remind WOMEN why they should be a republican. 

At CPAC last spring Carly Fiorina graciously took a selfie with me and shared her passion for making America healthy. It's politically stunning she's not on the lineup. 

FYI : looks like the Dems might run a woman as their nominee so don't us think having one on the stage might've been a "good thing" ?

Anyway I know the ACU wanted her on the prime time stage.

OMG!  I'm so PISSED off at Fox News for the act of moronism that the 6 hour drive to Cleveland would feel like 10 hours so I'll just stay in Virginia and watch the debate with undecided voters & pray that one of the dudes on stage can impress me to the extent as the former ACU exec. 

Lastly I want to thank the ACU for keeping the GOP family together during the internal battle for control happening within the GOP/RNC.

The American Conservative Union has my total respect and admiration & I look forward to attending your events in the future.

Please make a toast at the House of Blues on Thursday night for the "skirt" that's not speaking & tell her during her appearance at the party to keep fighting cause 🇺🇸 needs her.


Sharyn Bovat
Voice of a Moderate 

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