Al Gore... I'm Holding My Breath & trying to mingle with Progressives. It's not as easy at it looks:):)

“The general impression conveyed by the intense coverage of this election is that people are going to vote tomorrow, or next week,” he said. “I’ve been to four national campaigns and I can confirm for you that this election is more than a year away.”
Indeed, a lot can change in a year, but it was about a year before both the 2004 and 2008 election when Gore silenced rumors of a run. So if all was going according to plan, he’d be squashing those rumors just about now.
I think iDid well at my first Progressive event... The comment about being surprised that President  Obama 

Also WHY Did Bill, Hillary & Huma Email Me Wanted $1 Dollar Today... They "know" She's Going Down... Faster than a passenger on Pan Am 103..... Oops I meant TWA 800 

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sarah Isgur Flores <>
Subject: Just one last thing
Date: September 30, 2015 at 5:50:04 PM EDT
Reply-To: Sarah Isgur Flores <>

Hi Sharyn,
I'll be blunt: we need your help right now to reach our quarterly fundraising goal, before we have to report numbers back to the FEC. Can you pitch in $9 before midnight's FEC deadline?
After two back-to-back debate victories, Carly's become one of the frontrunners in this race.
If your last name is Bush or Clinton, that's the last thing you want to hear.
For the past few weeks, Hillary Clinton has begun attacking Carly every chance she gets. And now, so has Jeb Bush. (You can't always tell the difference between the two.)
Here's what's going on: they know Carly's a threat. They know she can beat either of them any day of the week. And they know their political careers depend on shutting down Carly's momentum, before she truly has a chance to make our case and win over the American people.
You and I cannot let that happen.
We can't hand the political class an easy victory just because we didn't fight back hard enough. We have to make sure our voice is heard over the shameful attacks from entrenched politicians like Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush in the weeks to come.
Thanks for your help!
Sarah Isgur Flores
Deputy Campaign Manager