James Comey you've got some Grade A people working to end corruption in America in the FBI & I'd like to know of if Loretta Lynch at the DOJ is gonna prosecute the people that HURT society?

Below is from an email sent to me from an FBI informant- it's meant to be used as a tool to get Lorreta Lynch to Prosecute Hillary Clinton and the Good Ole Boy network that's harmed America: 

the information below you will see the drug trade with the help of the
CIA continuing into the 190's and 2000's and that several CIA agents go on
to own private companies who own fleets of airplanes. Also you will see the
CIA drug traffickers and Colombian connection to California. This groups
also gave over $700K to the Democrat party to have Bill Clinton elected. You
will also see the connection to Barry Seal with this CIA/Columbian
connection. What We start seeing is the same names coming to light over and
Freeway Rick Ross says in an interview he had brought in several tons of
cocaine which is supported by Wikipedia and others sources. It is estimated
he make over $500 million dollars for his efforts.
http://www.narconews.com/darkalliance/drugs/who.htm He also says he got his
drugs from Nicaraguans which is supported by the above link. Blandon I am
pretty sure also dealt directly with Blandon in this article. Danilo
Blandon's number one customer was Freeway Ricky Ross who sold to intercity
drug dealers via the Crips and Bloods gangs in Los Angeles and other major
cities in Louisiana, Texas, Ohio and others. His operation continued at
least until the mid-1990 when Blandon turned on him and Ross was arrested.
It can be assumed someone continued the trade with the drug cartels since
the trafficking actually increased. Not sure who was bringing the drugs into
Tennessee, Georgia and Kentucky during this time since Harold Rosenthal was
out of the picture by then. Seems everyone major trafficker (Ross, Seal, Air
America owner, LeQuire, Andre Thornton III, Bradly Bryant) all had a
connection to Pennsylvania. Even Sydney Gall the owner of Gall Uniforms and
the largest Kentucky gun wholesalers sold to Arramark who is in head
quartered in Philadelphia, PA. This leads me to think the CIA may have
operated out of PA for this operation. Even John Y Brown the KY governor had
his KFC headquarters in PA at one time and had hired Bradley Bryant (drug
smuggler and partner to Andrew C. Thornton II) to work in that office. 
US CIA sold government planes to private companies to use for drug
A man who was working undercover at the U.S. Forest Service for the CIA when
the Merlin III turbo-prop was delivered in 1973, will 30 years later become
Chairman of a company whose DC-9 is involved in the biggest bust on an
airplane, an astounding 5.5 tons of cocaine, in Mexican history.
GlennBrentRosieSignHis name is Glen Kovar. He was Chairman of SkyWay
Communications in St Petersburg, Florida. In a profile, a business magazine
touched on his resume:
s-cia-plane/ In this same article you will find the biggest drug trafficker
in Chicago and was the partner of CIA agent and later CEO Glen Kovar
mentioned above. Luis Carlos Herrera-Lizcano