John Brennan CIA & James Clapper are Gonna Be at LBJ Library Declassify Stuff the SAME Time GOP Debate Happens.... Bob Dickey of Gannett What Story will Be on the Front Page of the USA Today & Other Papers?

Conspiracy theorist will not be happy with what's released today & in 2017. It was a "small clique" that killed JFK ... the investigation was bungled and THEN the conspiracy happened.  I was told the cover-up was worse than the crime, and my reaction was "the crime was the murder of an American president.... i just don't get it?"

What i was told is LBJ was NOT aware of JFK's assassination before it happened. He did know about the "cover-up' the bungled investigation. What he did was done for the benefit of America (I'm still trying to figure that logic out).

Put your seat-belts on.  

The CIA was smart to declassify this stuff the same day as the GOP debate. All eyes are on Donald Trump. 

Classified Presidential daily briefings from the Kennedy and Johnson administrations will be released for the first time on Wednesday, Sept. 16. The release coincided with a public event at the LBJ Presidential Library on Tuesday hosted by CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Click HERE after the 16th to see what the LBJ library released

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