The Mainstream Media Keeps Bullying Susan Curlee & I Was Told By a Reporter It's Because of Her Ties to the Koch Brothers. Susan Curlee is NOT a Billionaire She's a Middle Class Mom Who Believes America Needs to Change & She's Promoting Ethics In Government. Why Does the Tennessean Report on one of Susan Curlee's Tweets & NOT about the Fraud & Corruption Happening in Tennessee?

Williamson County School Board member Susan Curlee is an ethical and fiscally responsible person: it's time Tennessee respected ppl with those qualities: The fact the Tennessean ignores stories about fraud, corruption & racism happening in the county and they report a politically incorrect tweet shows that Gannett is STILL a problem & the society can't get healthy unil the MSM changes and reports news that "matters" to society

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Subject: My Crossville Chronicle Comment to Clean up Corruption & Cronyism & a Blog Post Linking Butch (AKA Lecil) Smith to Danny Page
Date: October 20, 2015 at 10:35:57 AM EDT
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I think Pete Souza had some valid issues and wants to protect ALL the taxpayers & the people at American for Prosperity that I've talked to think that the Crossville City Council has been a bad steward of taxpayer money.  FYI when I stood up for the taxpayers against Good Ole Boy cronyism in Williamson County Tennessee my child was bullied  in TN schools, the corrupt ppl used my child as a tool to get me to shut up about public corruption. To stop other children from similar abuse I spoke to a Koch friend and a few years later AFP helped elect some some ethical school board members.  

Today the ethical Williamson County School board members have challenges similar to Pete Souza, some on board are loyal to their Good Ole Boy friends like Jesse Kerley is to Chris Bennett: Good News for the ethical in TN I was told if the problems of corruption can't get cleaned up soon (internally) they feds will FINALLY help. :  I want the feds to do a RICO case that shows the STATEWIDE corruption in TN.  

It's OK that the Crossville City Councel said NO to an audit cause their inaction to ongoing Federal taxpayer money being wasted gives me ammunition that will motivate the warriors at AFP & this week I'll start lobbying the Rock Starts that help me fight others in TN and that's the Treasury lawyers, I'm gonna ask for the Audit of the Airport and when they say NO due to jurisdiction then I'll say  just audit how ya'll in Crossville spend the Federal Bond money in Crossville.  

God Bless America

Sharyn Bovat