Brian Magliano's Missing Emails & Senator Chuck Grassley's Letter to John Kerry are Indicators That Hillary Clinton is TOAST.... Now That AL Gore Solidified His Accomplishment (Saved the Planet at COP21) ... He's Gonna Take the Torch & RUN.... iHope He's Tan, Rested & Ready Cause i KNOW Ted Cruz KNOWS that Gore Will Be His "Most Likely Opponent" .... I Know This Cause I Told a Staffer of His:):) ... I'm a Republican & Loyal to My Party UNLESS I'm OFFICIALLY DATING the Others Party Nominee:):) Fact is Cruz Can BEAT Rubio & Gore Can Beat Cruz ...The Moderates are SICK of War and Want to Hear About the Economy. All Al Gore Has to Do is Say "I Got World Leaders to Agree on Climate Change & NOW I'll Do That for Peace".... The BEST Scenario for the GOP is Gore is One Term: He Might ONLY Want that Cause He'll Want to Spend Time with Me.... Oops

Bottomline is Hillary Clinton is TOAST 

People that don't have security clearances "don't get" how bad Hillary Clinton's situation is.  A lady i had a glass of wine with at an AEI event last week said "Hillary has good lawyers, the email scandal is OVER"

 ... I told her that people in the IC know that if she "slides by" then the WHOLE SYSTEM loses credibility & that she has to get indicted, at least two whistleblowers have been jailed who did less than her & she's most likely ALSO guilty of "Obstruction of Justice".... 

"The State Department has told Senate investigators it cannot find backup copies of emails sent by Bryan Pagliano, the top Hillary Clinton IT staffer who maintained her email server but has asserted his Fifth Amendment right and refused to answer questions on the matter...."   Read more:

I used to do research for a Reagan propaganda strategist whose doing Ted Cruz's campaign.  I know in my heart "if" Ted Cruz wins then his Intelligence people will listen to me & I like that.

INTELLIGENCE is not political (but the W administration & part of the Obama Administration twisted facts) and I was very sad when the people aligned with Dick Cheney & Hillary Clinton (it was her State Dept. that failed when ISIS disaster in the Middle East started bubbling, I'm sure she'll figure out how to blame Bush for that)...anyway BOTH Clinton & Cheney allies did not want my data collected from proven truthful Iraqi sources because they knew it showed government corruption linked to their BIG donors.   Call me if you want more information Sharyn Bovat 615-944-7599.

The problem with America is a "clique" that profits from war & it's NOT partisan. BOTH Cruz & Gore are not in the clique.  To make America "great" again I'm happy on foreign policy issues with both.  Granted Cruz will be more hawkish and Gore will strive for a peace deal.  Let's face it the War Toy business will HATE Gore cause he's known for wanting non violent resolution to conflict.  

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"...You might recall Brian Pagliano, Hilary Clinton’s former IT staffer during her time as Secretary of State, who was charged with maintaining her private server. You know, the one who pled the Fifth so he wouldn’t have to face to Senate Judiciary Committee. Like his boss, Pagliano is again escaping any accountability because the State Department can’t seem to locate his emails...."  Town Hall  click HERE for full article

"Unfortunately, the Committee is not yet in possession of any documents related to its highest priority request. As you know, former State Department information technology specialist Bryan Pagliano has asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self- incrimination rather than answer questions from the Committee. Mr. Pagliano was reportedly paid by former Secretary Clinton for his work on her non-government server while a State Department employee, though he apparently did not declare any such income on his financial disclosure forms after entering the Department...." Letter from Chuck Grassley to John Kerry  (below)