Maybe someday Spielberg can make a Satire movie called Trump's List: Reince Priebus, Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie Ya'll Gotta Stop This... Donald Trump Has Not ONLY Harmed the GOP (Which Was Already in Free Fall) He's Harming America ... STOP IT!!!!

"What next?  Is Donald Trump gonna suggest assigning ALL Muslims a number and tattooing the number to each their arms so we can easily identify them to protect the homeland?"  Sharyn Bovat being sarcastic 

I was told that "after the storm" I could make positive change BUT with Donald Trumps recent statement It's my hope this concept will happen sooner rather than later.

Can someone help make happen?

I'm so upset about what Donald Trump said. Luckily Congress is doing something "more realistic"... suspending travel to foreigners that have traveled to Syria or other states/countries known to recruit & train people to do terrorist activities makes sense as a short term "band-aid" but we as a country must keep allowing people of ALL religions to immigrate to our county we must intelligently assess the situation and move forward in a way that's in sync with our beliefs and our constitution. 

This website is a concept of something I believe can help be apart of a long term solution to end American Islamaphoblia.  

Memory:  As a child i learned the communist were the meanies and when I was 5 or 6 my mom used to make me watch TV shows of seals being clubbed to death until the snow was red and said the Russians were doing it.  

When I was a little bit older i the mid 70's she took me to New York City & we got a tour of the new UN building, my mom said  "the people that work here are gonna create peace not war" back then i had no idea what she was talking about BUT she made an effort to have me communicate with the "Reds" and got me a pen pal. That is what this concept is... except it's mission to show American Red State Children that not all Muslims are terrorist. That they play soccer, have dreams, do homework & inspire for freedom.