Ted Cruz Was a Natural Born Citizen in 1795 ...... & For the RECORD President Obama Was Born in Hawaii Which Was "a State" at That Time.

The Atlantic publication which is NOT supporting Ted Cruz says it best: 

The United States of America was, at most, 13 years old that year. The Founders were eligible for the presidency because they were citizens “at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution.” Or maybe it was because they had been born citizens of one of the colonies that later became the United States. So, which law to apply? 1340? 1787? 1790, when the first Congress (which included 20 former delegates to the Philadelphia Convention, and 49 delegates to state ratifying conventions) proclaimed that foreign-born children of citizens “shall be considered as natural born citizens”? 1795, when a revised Nationality Act said, instead, that these children “shall be considered as citizens”? 1836, when Martin Van Buren became the first clearly “natural-born” citizen of the United States to enter the White House?