My Skills Learned from the Reagan & Bush "H" Era Have Made Me Marketable: Thank You Sal Russo & Karl Rove :):) That Said I Still Have to Be Loyal to Al Cause He Saved Me When I Was Bullied for Blogging in TN and iMade a Deal and Have to Honor That, I Bet Donald Trump Can Appreciate My Respecting Deals:):)

Click HERE to see my Monday the 8th prediction on who will win & who will lose New Hampshire  Yesterday 2 presidential campaigns reached out to me & I told them I’m focusing on my “new” New Media Company Voice of a Moderate BUT will reconsider helping a campaign with their messaging after BOTH primaries are settled.

Thank you EVERYONE for your interest in hiring me I'm overwhelmed by how kind so many "camps" have been. Due to a commitment i made to a "Dark Horse" Clinton replacement I can’t commit until that person has said he's NOT running. So after the Democratic nominee is settled. I am a Republican  If Hillary Clinton is the nominee I will work for any of the GOP opponents. Including Donald Trump. Whose person by the way did not have me sign an NDA, so my last comment is  in the future I need a mutual non-disclose agreement prior to any discussions.  PLEASE iMessage me before you call at  615-944-7599:):) 
Sharyn Bovat aka 
Voice of a Moderate   

In Tennessee Al Gore got the ACLU to help save me from being jailed (for a crime that didn't exist) the corrupt politicians in that state created legislation targeting bloggers. 

I was told when Al said this in San Francisco last month he was referring to me:)

In a way I'm starting to get excited about living in a home with a bowling ally in the basement.  Still I'm a realist & most likely I'll be spending the summer in purple states working on GOP messaging:):)