Woman Who Turned Down Trump Campaign in August is Willing to Be a GOP Team Player (Unless She Dates the Democratic Nominee Al Gore). Donald Trump Does Have Good National Security Advisors & America Will Be OK:):)

Last August I posted that the Trump campaign reached out to me.  I told that person I thought his mafia ties would bring him down & NOW i change my opinions on Trump's mafia ties. 

FYI - I remember when "the Donald" dealt with he Mob and he not only lived through standing up to Mafia he SUCCEEDED after he did it.

The Clinton's are part of a political mafia and "that's" what America is rebelling against. 

this and NOW I know "who" his advisors are and I'm OK with him being the GOP nominee.

Still i think it's weird BUT America is tired of war and Donald Trump will tell #ISIS he wants them to stop fighting and then tell isis to build a wall and to stay inside it's borders:):)

This blog post is not an endorsement it's just a change of opinion and I think it's timely.

FYI= I'm Damn good at giving National Security Advice

Also research has shown me Moderate women would prefer Trump to Hillary Clinton, cause he's not a hypocrite.