The Sun is Setting on the GOP Establishment .... Haley Barbour, Reince Priebus, Henry Barbour, & Tennessee Establishment Elite Whit Ayres, Tom Ingram, Bill Haslam, Lamar Alexander, & Bill Frist Marco Rubio Will Probably Come in 3rd in Tennessee .... The People of that State Have to Me "Their NOT Gonna Take It Anymore"....The Candidate Their Leaders Endorsed is NOT the One They Want. They Want the Establishment OUT & Will Show It in the Polls.

Most REALISTIC Scenario is 75-80% Trump secures nomination before convention. If he doesn't then opposition research gathered against his supporters will force a "main-stream moderate" Marco Rubio has irritated too many and John Kasich could be the ultimate nominee (that's the best case scenario).   My focus group is now swinging to Kasich cause he's the only candidate that they see in the role as Commander in Chief.

My focus group is moderates who regularly vote & vote for the candidate & not the party from purple states and they will determine who the next president of the united states is. So far they are "totally" disputed with the GOP and a majority do NOT want Hillary Clinton yet Bernie Sanders doesn't have the vision they see for America.    

God Bless America

Sharyn Bovat