Reince Priebus, Karl Rove & Ed Gillespie IT's Time to Figure Out How to Put Lipstick On This Pig

My Moderate Focus Group Shifted from Trump in August to Ted Cruz to Bernie Sanders. They are VERY Angry at the Establishment.  Donald Trump Can WIN "if" He Does NOT associate with the typical GOP establishment .  That means keep him away from Haley Barbour and his sleazy nephew Henry Barbour. I've got more intel from a VERY accurate source BUT I'm still waiting from Al Gore's ppl. 

 Last Month I got ticked off by his Vegan minions who wanted me to change.  I told them **** No.  I thought that would 100% get me ousted as a possible companion to Al if he replaced Hillary at the Democratic nominee BUT NO... in fact I was told that my supporting legalizing marijuana will help Al in the the General & it will show the Bernie millennial, the Vets with PTSD & others that "hate" the War on Drugs that Al would support marijuana reform.  Yes the whole thing is WEIRD but Hillary Clinton has a lot of negatives and her connection to the For Profit Prisons & the US Chamber cronyism is an issue that "turns women off".... Sadly Trump has turned off many women & the key to the GOP winning is having him "turn them on"  & that will come by his ditching the Scottie Hughes types & bringing on "normal people".... 

More later