We'll Be Back Soon..... Also is BOB Dickey gonna tell Leo Shane of Gannett to Blacklist me for the GOP & Democratic Convention? The Mainstream Media CONTROL Who Gets Press Credentials ....

 I've been at RightsCon in the Silicon Valley talking to LOTs of people: 

Expect good things soon:):)


  My viewership dropped to about 1K viewers yesterday do my lack of blogging.... Usually i have 2-5K a day based on the topic 

I learned on Wednesday the press credential cut-off for the GOP and Democratic election was April 1st.  Thank you to the person that forwarded me the memo:):) 

Due to the timing of the notice my application was filled out after i took a red-eye.  I know i made some grammatical errors BUT I'm dyslexic and have ADHD.  Journalism is different that Grammar-ism so I should be OK

Part of me wonders WHY they gave the notice to me so late?  I was told that it's possible that bloggers like me who have readership = to many mainstream media reporters are NOT going to be welcome at the GOP & Democratic debates.  The Mainstream media is "on board" with the GOP establishment (who doesn't have a candidate in the top two?) & the Democratic establishment (Hilary Clinton).  The issue is the ppl that decide on credentials are the MAINSTREAM MEDIA.  I'm not gonna make a stink cause maybe they will accept me in the world of journalism. Maybe Gannett doesn't hate and they won't VETO me bobdickeygannett.blogspot.com   we'll see:):)