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Why Donald Trump Will BEAT Hillary Clinton

I learned at AEI that America is at Depression (1920's-30's) levels....  Since Obama has become president the average American has about 16% "less" to spend.  I talked to a guy that worked for the Koch Brother's & they know that "real change" has to happen, they prefer less government & tell me that government is too corrupt & complicated to provided universal healthcare.  Still All American's deserve to be cared for.  We can't have people die in the street.  

The fact is America wants change & that means keeping Obamacare w/NO waivers... that means even Nancy Pelosi's donors have to provide it. It also means that if the US Chamber can't "reign in" their pharmaceutical clients then America will most likely go "single payer"... 

The below chart shows the problem (it's provide by NERDWALLET)  i learned their linked to those pushing for Clinton to become President... Look at their logo too, strange. 

Americans Are Pissed — This Chart Might Explain Why