Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Maybe Assault Weapons Should Be Blacklisted & NOT Journalists? I'm NOT Just Talking About Donald Trump on the Political Blacklisting- On the DNC Side I've Learned the Dems are "Re-Reviewing" Me & i Might Get Credentialed.

this is the generally view of moderates when it comes to the Orlando Shooting

Today it's reported Donald Trump has blacklisted Washington Post reporters: Speaking of political blacklisting I had reported I was black listed by Hillary's people at the DNC...   which i was BUT now they contacted me and told me they're re-reviewing my info.  I hope they get it resolved.  I had opted to spend 2 weeks with my child before the Democratic convention because I knew the GOP would be more open to me taking my child to work (i got connections:)

Anyway due to a recent briefing about excessive security at the GOP convention & learning that the Bush family has cut back & the fun after parties will be scaled down (dramatically) I've decided on attending 2 days of the RNC convention ONLY if it's safe enough to bring my daughter. She wants to go to Cedar Point & I'm negotiating a deal with her that if she's polite to republicans & lets mommy go to a few events I'll take her to Cedar Park go on the BIG coasters, guess you could say "I've read the 'Art of the Deal' :):) 

"...BuzzFeed, Politico, The Daily Beast, Univision, and The Huffington Post are among other outlets that have been blocked in recent months. Some journalists have described this as an emerging Trump "blacklist."