Sabrina Schaeffer Please Thank the IWF's Hadley Heath for the Beauty Pageant Blog Post.... It Gave Credibility on My Assessment on Hispanics Views Toward Hillary Clinton & Why I Think Many Will STAY HOME

 Anyone who thinks political research is glamorous hasn't spent a day with me.  I'm a former op researcher for Karl Rove operatives & trained in the 80's by Sal Russo's people.  By talking to 20 people I can get the "same" results as an expensive professional poll using 500+ ppl accuracy is why I have almost 6 million Google+ views. Sometimes people ask me to blog about an issue & I travel to places & "take a pulse check"...this trip was awesome because i was able to spend time with my mom.  It was something I never thought would happen, she's suffering w/ Alzheimers in a hospice near Bakersfield. My visits with her in the past were always too painful to endure BUT the planets aligned perfectly with the intensity of the California Primary & that something I had planned to do last weekend was canceled I combined a VERY personal trip with a political research trip and the outcome BOTH professionally & personally was VERY positive. It would've been too emotional for me to deal with seeing my mom for the last time had i NOT had something else to focus on.  

 I'm telling you this  for two reasons 1) has to do with a comment I made at a recent IWF conference & the other is cause i LOVE showing people that I'm right & an article in the IWF blog shows that beauty pageants are not all fluff & many people watch them & respect the women participating.... As you will see by the iMessage iSent this morning HISPANICS are big into pageants & I believe the democrats attitude the pageants will hurt them in 2016:   I want to thank Sabrina Schaeffer for putting together a quality newsletter. The information I've received from IWF has validated data that has been collected in the field.  :):) 

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"...Some people demean beauty pageants as outdated or patriarchical, but if you listen to those who participate, they often express that the experience is meaningful and empowering to them. To me, the whole evening highlighted many different ways women in the USA are leading beautiful lives." Hadley Heath writing for IWF

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After spending a few days talking to Californians I reported to ****** the state of the GOP in the state as Barbara Boxer calls BRIGHT BLUE that the 1/6 dozen hispanics i spoke to are BIG watchers of beauty pageants & I iMessaged that to ******

NOW I'm back in Shirlington & have to do "extra" dog walks to recover from the culinary part of my California adventure.  .....