Note to Donald Trump: To Win in 2016 Connect Hillary Clinton to the TWA 800 & Lockerbie Bombing Cover-Up Call Me & i'll Connect the Dot DIRECTLY to Her.... FYI Lockerbie Did Happen Before Bill Clinton Became President BUT George H Bush NEVER Had an Innocent Man Prosecuted. The UK Jusice Minister Has Come Out in a Book Saying Iran Ordered the Bombing. He's NOW Being Bullied By Tony Blair & Clinton Allies. BOTH Blair & Clinton Made a LOT of Money from the Cover-Up.

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Man who released Lockerbie bomber says politicians should not ... 28, 2016
Former justice secretary Kenny MacAskill's decision to release ... Speaking at an event to promote his book 'The Lockerbie Bombing: The ...

The MSM has protected Clinton Cover-Ups for a LONG TIME but over 60% of the American people believe the happened.  If Trump makes an issue of TWA 800 then he'll EASILY beat Hillary Clinton 

Was TWA Flight 800's fiery crash part of a massive cover-up?

New York Post-Jul 4, 2016
Wreckage from the front portion of the TWA Flight 800 Boeing 747 on display in its reconstructed state in 1997. Photo: Getty Images ...

In-Depth-Daily Mail-Jul 4, 2016
Please have all the GOP op-researchers read Jack Cashill Book