Reince Priebus the GOP Needs to POUNCE Chuck Todd on Meet the Press Just Said Hillary Clinton Trails Donald Trump byt DOUBLE DIGETS on Being Perceived as Honest & Trustworthy...To WIN Donald Trump Can't Make Chris Christie or Newt Gingrich His Nominee He Needs a BORING Gov w/ a HIGH Trust Rating Like John Kasich

Hillary Clinton NOW says she NEVER received or sent emails "marked" classified & blames retro active classification.  Before she said she NEVER sent or received classified emails.

Here are just 3 reasons WHY people in the Intelligence Community

A)  HELLO Clinton should know what stuff is classified
B)  Others have been prosecuted for a LOT less

Is Hillary Clinton suffering from demential cause she STILL calls the FBI investigation a "Security Review"  EVEN after James Comey said the FBI does NOT do security reviews, they do investigation.?