Ben Shapiro's Minions are RUDE & the National Review Should Tell Him to Tell Them to STOP!!!! If They Continue I Can Put in MY Upcoming Professional Blog ALL the Data Showing Mitt Romney & His BIG Donors Profited From IRAN: I Think "That's Why The Bully Me Cause Once the Lockerbie Bombing Truth Hits They'll Be Deemed GRADE A Hypocrites

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Christian Van Dyke 
Tom Fornash really wants you to stop this insane nonsense. Ben Shapiro as well. Get a real job you conspiracy theorist! At the very least make less insane content, and put ads on it.
Sharyn Bovat 

I have proof Ben Shapiro has lied the fact is ppl like him use the term "conspiracy" to discredit people with REAL problems. The form of bullying that has been done to people like me is not right. The fact is I'm a "corruption

theorist" ... please keep insulting me cause i'm gonna be proven to have told the truth about the Lockerbie Bombing cover-up & that people connected to Ben Shapiro have illegally profited from IRAN. Some of the people that fund Ben are under investigation too. I gave Ben Shapiro the opportunity to talk to me (in a civil way)... instead he gets his minions to bully me. Keep it up.... Soon Ben & I will be hanging out at cocktails parties & he'll be buying & you'll be "out in the cold"... that's how the game works. Ben Shapiro won't lose power he'll just change minions.
Sharyn Bovat 
One more thing a friend of Ben's just talked to me about doing a Mediterranean cruise.... I'll be sure to pack my "tin hat"..... :):)

I really can't deal with Ben Shaprio's minions bullying me right now cause I gotta try to lose 8lbs