Fix the Debt and No Labels are Part of the Clinton Machine... If the GOP Makes Ted Cruz the Nominee I'll be Looking to Work for Jon Romano... I Better Be NICE to Him.... Also Ed Gillespie IF You Need a 4th to Golf at the Manele Bay Course I'll Do It... I've Played Their Before.

I play golf and the guy on the metro is making me cranky with his LOUD music. I'm tired of traveling like the 47% I'm talented and I want a job. Do I have to give up my "ethics" to get one? You'd think the GOP would want a moderate researcher like me?  I was trained by Karl Rove operatives.  

here I'm playing golf at the Manele Bay course in Lanai...Beware of CLIFFs they have taken many balls from me.....   it's beautiful.... 

 Ill come to Hawaii to interview warning I only fly business over oceans.  Hey- ill "fit" in :):)