Ed Gillespie, Karl Rove, & Reince Priebus - Ted Cruz Makes GOP Memorable in 2013 & it's NOT the Way That Will Help the Republicans... Do Ya'll Want to Win in 2014? Time to Respect ALL People... That Means Lose the Luggage... Or Check the Rhetoric at the Door... Start Fresh with Solutions NOT Slogans....No More Dr. Seuss Being Read While Congress is in Session.... America Has Too Many Problems.... Ted Cruz Reading Stories is INSANE!!!

This Ted Cruz "rant" inspired  from the Top 7 Quotes from In The Capital

7. “I will credit my father, he invented…green eggs and ham”- Senator Ted Cruz
Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas took the Senate floor on September 25 to begin a 21-hour talkathon against Obamacare. At approximately 8 p.m. that night, Cruz announcedthat it was his daughters’ bedtime and decided to read them Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham. “I will credit my father. He invented –this wasn't for the restaurant, but he did it anyway – he invented green eggs and ham,” Cruz said.

 FYI moderates are PRAGMATIST and we want SOLUTIONS is problems and not constant whining.... 
This moderate voice wants MATURITY in congress ...... 

This is an interview I gave at CPAC 2013:
FYI I left CPAC on Saturday afternoon & missed the final speeches at the Delta lounge in Atlanta airport I sat next to another person that attended CPAC (it's a well known/organized must go to  event for GOPers - filled with the countries most powerful conservatives... used to be the Buckley/Thatcher types).   I asked the man in the lounge (who was a DOD contractor- lots of those in the the republican party... they are NOT happy with Rand Paul) I asked him if he was upset he missed the Palin speech... he said NO- mentioned the "lack of depth" of the saturday line up & that the party was "falling apart"  ....  

Yes!!!  Sarah Palin was the headliner...  Chris Christie lost his invite when he hugged Obama...  

Click Here to read about gay issue at CPAC 2013.

We both agreed it was smart that CPAC organizers lumped the intelligent stuff on Thursday and Friday thus letting the newbies who wanted sound bites their day.... The saturday audience would have hated the "peaceful" protest done to allow gay groups at next years CPAC.


Lets hope the CPAC in San Diego UNITES the the Party of Reagan....  I think Al Cardenas can figure out how to make the party healthy......  Having a California event is a "good start"