***UPDATE*** Gannett Told Me I Was BLACKLISTED .... Hello? Bob Dickey - Gracia Martore - Jeremy Gaines - It's Time to RESPECT Whistleblowers Did I Get Blacklisted Cause I Spoke Out AGAINST Haley Barbour.... I'm HAPPY I Know the TRUTH Now I Want RESOLUTION!!!!

Bob Dickey & Gracia Martore Who originated the BLACKLISTING of Me? 

Is it cause I spoke out AGAINST Haley Barbour? 

The guys a Good Ole Boy sleaze balls

 & I exposed he's linked to people that profit from Iran Sanction breakers.  The Haslam family & Pilot Flying J got good deals on oil via Mike Loya & Vitol and the the BNP Paribas deal is linked to the Khomeini deal people in the CIA made in 1979 to "keep" hostages.   I directly worked for Henry Barbour in 1992 and I told the Feds my family was part of a CIA/MIC clique that was linked to Howard Baker and they wanted a Republican in charge of the White House cause Jimmy Carter fired a bunch of CIA in the 70's and cancelled DOD vendor contracts.  World Airways got the "deal" to do weapons cargo in the 80's as a reward and the pilots that took arms to the Afghan insurgents that beak the Russians died early deaths... guess some were scared they might leak cause of the "Bin Ladin" thing.   I've been terrorized cause of Cyclone & Lockerbie and I want my life back.. Heck Tony Hayward of BP "I want my life back" who owned a boat named Bob NOW is making a fortune in Kurdistan.   The CIA "missed" the boat on that intel BUT I knew that something was brewing & the FBI knew cause the monitor my communications.  Something is really wrong in America & I'm tired of fighting for my rights so can I please just have them back and get a research job? 



The lesson of last night isn't that the Tea Party is dead; indeed it's impressive that McDaniel was able to accomplish what he did given his monetary disadvantage. It's that, even in this age of fiscal conservatism,
the GOP good ol' boys network is alive and well. The right money and minds can still propel even the most cadaverous incumbent to victory. But you know what? It's a lot harder than it used to be and we should be excited by that. In lieu of actual term limits, voters have taken it upon themselves to challenge lawmakers who get too crusty. It wasn't a good night for Chris McDaniel, but it wasn't a good night for the good ol' boys either. 

The term blacklisting may be used in a pejorative sense, implying that a person has been prevented from having legitimate access to something due to inappropriate covert actions of those who control access. For example, a person being served with a restraining order for having threatened another person would not be considered a case of blacklisting. However, somebody who is fired for exposing poor working conditions in a particular company, and is subsequently systematically blocked from finding work in that industry, is described as having been inappropriately and often illegally blacklisted. Blacklisting can and has been accomplished informally by consensus of authority figures, and does not necessarily require a physical list or overt written record.
Blacklisting can be formal or informal. In the employment setting, applicants who apply to numerous positions regardless of being qualified or not can soon be ignored during some or all subsequent applicant processes, This can be an informal choice made by one person or a shared formal response taken up by one office, and not an issue that would be described as blacklisting. In the past, blacklists of union members have been shared or circulated between multiple organizations to prevent hiring of employees who, rather than being incompetent, have been critical of management actions. People have been prevented from working for decades due to being on a blacklist; in some cases the information on the blacklist was false. [1]

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    blacklist (or black list) is a list or register of entities or people who, for one reason or another, are being denied a particular privilege, service, mobility, access ...
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