***Update*** Henry Barbour I Think YOU Need to Tell the FBI "What" You Know About the Thad Cochran/Constitution Clayton Photo Scandal .... It Wreaks of YOU ... FYI- I Was a "3rd Party Reliable Source" In YOU Being Linked to the Hermain Cain Mistress Outing... ALL I Did Was Tell Them YOU Had a History of Being Linked to Sleazy Operartives & I Was Directly Involved in "Dirty Tricks" in the Early 90's... I Also Directly Worked for YOU in the Early 90's... Unlike YOU I "Grew Up"

Thank You Karl Rove:):)


Just to clarify... American Crossroads NEVER gave Cochran money... "that" was a great decision - obviously before Collegio left for the AUTO job they decided to "cut bait" on connections to Henry Barbour

Rove-backed American Crossroads won't get involved in Cochran ...

Washington Post (blog)-3 hours ago
... is expected to continue financing an effort to boost Cochran, as is Mississippi Conservatives, a super PAC founded by longtime operative Henry Barbour.

Yes I was actually giving a bag at a CRP convention in the early 90's with a pair of panties... (silky and lacy too) and told to wear them for an hour... the CIA/MIC linked politicos wanted my "scent" I knew the panties would be used for a dirty trick. I did it and documented it.   Then I told my CIA handler and they said... "the boys are getting more creative...."  

OMG!!!  I did not know what to do.  After I had death threats I started talking... and I'm not shutting up until NISSAN no longer gets taxpayer money... they do business with Iran and Haley Barbour did some deals with unethical politicians that profit from Khomeini and Putin..   I'm at 90% that Henry Barbour orchestrated the "photo scandal" just to keep his boy in the Senate.  It's a sleazy dirty "brilliant" and almost worked dirt trick. 
NOW that there's a run off I'm available to reporters I've got pics of me in the 80's & 90's with operatives call me 615-944-7599. Henry Barbour is the person that handed me my credentials at the 1992 RNC convention.                                        I'm doing this cause I was promised McDaniel will respect the constitution and support legislation for Whistleblower rights.  He'll help put drones in control of the DOD too.  I'm sorry women...  suggestion stock up on birth control...  I did the best deal possible.

Thank You Jesus for menopause and since I'm 49 and "available" I want McDaniel to keep govt funded viagra:):)  It was "my" lobbying that a vote for McDanial was a vote against Haley Barbour's cronyism.  I can PROVE that $$$ people held back and "that" is what saved Chris McDaniel.  In return I expect Chris McDaniel to RESPECT the constitution and how about suggesting while on TV the John Kiriakou be  released?  I know that was not pre negotiated but you do have a run off.... PLEASE... Pretty please?