Congressman Peter Roskam are YOU Telling James Comey That I want Bradley Podliska the "Self Proclaimed" Benghazi Whistleblower Told to Me by His Lawyer Joe Napiltonia His Lead Lawyer for His Lawsuit He Wants to File to Help Hillary Clinton Escape Tough Questions By Trey Gowdy ( Bradley Podliska Wasn't Even in Libya & I Don't Think He's a Real Whistleblower & I Know Whistleblower's Cause I'm a Whistleblower I'm the DOD Whistleblower, The NISSAN Whistleblower & the Lockerbie Bombing Whistleblower). Anyway Please Investigate the Allegations By Bradly Podliska

Date: October 14, 2015 at 4:32:55 PM EDT
To: michael************
Subject: Peter Roskam I'm on my way - I want you as my member of congress to ask FBI to investigate Bradley Podliska

My name is Sharyn Bovat

I have audio of me talking to Bradley Podliska lawyer I'm gonna share with Benghazi committee

A former senior staffer of ex congressman Mike Rogers has been communicating to me

 While attending a Brennan Center luncheon on Election Reform at the National Press Club Bradley Podliska's lawyer called me & I had a PTSD panic attack when i learned from Google Bradley Podliska's lawyer was from Franklin TN.

 My panic attack occurred because when I blogged about stuff that upsets people I get bullied EVEN when my blog posts are FACTUAL.  Here's a Letter Bob Dickey's ppl from Gannett had the Law Firm Alberto (approved CIA torture) Gonzales law firm sent me to bully me.  Waller, Lansden, Dortch & Davis the "big time" law firm actually said my blogs could be viewed a Gannett products and I'm creating consumer confusion.  HELLO- I'm a dyslexic blogger with ADHD & I have NO EDITOR if my blogs are seen as Gannett products then Gannett has a problem. 
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Joe Napiltonia could be a "good guy" and does not understand the power of the CIA/MIC clique that profited from the Iraq war ... the clique run by people that are aligned with the late Howard Baker that's based in Tennessee.

Side Note: Click HERE to see how Marsha Blackburn is connected to the clique. 

 Trey Gowdy Staffer "not the most helpful".....