Voice of a Moderate to Encourage Federal Studies on PTSD & Marijuana After Pre GOP Debate Pot Trip. Sharyn Bovat Learned that Responsible Use of Cannabis Helped Her PTSD

".... the clock is ticking to nail down the science behind cannabis and PTSD. According to a 2014 report by the RAND Corporation’s Center for Military Health Policy Research, approximately 300,000 of the 1.64 million service members who deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan as of October 2007 were suffering from PTSD or major depression. Only about half of that number had sought treatment in the previous year, and of those who did, just over half received a "minimally adequate treatment." And with hundreds, if not thousands, of these struggling veterans killing themselves each year, advocates argue that if marijuana can help reduce the death toll there’s not a minute to lose...."  International Business Tines 

Below is a "typical" week for Sharyn Bovat so the PTSD/Pot road trip was a nice diversion from national security, cyber crime/terrorism  & judicial reform conferences:

Below are youtube videos made in chronologic order: