Reince Priebus the RNC Has GOT to Be FAIR at the GOP Convention Gannet/Tennessean Reporters Joey Garrison and Dave Boucher Wrote a Great Story BUT the Comments are What Describes What's REALLY Going on w/the GOP & in Tennessee

Darren Morris, state director of Trump's campaign in Tennessee, told The Tennessean the Trump campaign and Tennessee Republican Party chairman Ryan Hayes had agreed Wednesday on the names of seven of the 14 at-large delegates that, under party rules, are to be appointed by the state party. Delegates will ultimately decide the party’s nominee at the Republican National Convention this summer.

Michele Hodge Hubbard ·
I am disgusted by the blatant corruption being displayed by the GOP establishment. Their flagrant attempt to disenfranchise the voters of TN by disregarding the will of the people is despicable . If they continue this path, they will have no one to blame but themselves when we inaugurate President Hillary
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Prince Khan
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Charlie Goad
Every poll shows Hillary winning by large margins over the messiah(lol) Trump.
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Carl Allenburg
Both parties are doing this. The DNC trying to give the nomination to Clinton is similar.

Trump does not really seem to be Republican anyway and probably an independent that would work with neither party if he did win.

If Trump were running as a Democrat, I am sure DNC would behave the same.
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Kevin Napolitino
Screw trump, my god ALL he does is run and flap his cluless pie hole. The rePuke party IS done..

YES YES YES... Between cuuz the canadian and this blow hole HILLARY is going to win the election by a landslide, the biggest land slide in America history.

WHICH will be a very very good thing... America needs to continue moving FORWARD, we as a people cannot allow the baggers and the rePukes to drag us ALL back into the darkness of the dark ages...

#UnitedBlue to keep America moving forward into the future....
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Prince Abdullah ·
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Carl Allenburg
I don't like Trump, but don't want Democrats in power . I am pretty sure long term we would be going backward if spending is not put under control.
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Corey O'Gorman-Carlson ·
Carl Allenburg Better review history, the G.O.P. has created larger deficits in the past 60 years than the Democratic party in your country.
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Michael Lebinowitz ·
If the nomination is stolen from Trump then we all will have proof positive that the entire voting process is nothing but a corruption filled sham. When that becomes apparent, myself and many Trump supporters won't bother to go vote at all. The election we will know is rigged anyways. So I hope the GOP has every position in the country rigged to win. Because anything relying on actual voters on their side is going to come up seriously short.
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Sharon Knapik
Nah, we'll get even... every down ballot incumbent OUT.
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Charlie Goad
Donald Trump is a total fraud. This is just like Obama in 08. No difference.
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Nathan Ratcliff ·
There is some difference. At least Donald Trump has experience running something. Obama was a community organizer, part time professor and a partial term Senator. Trump isn't the guy I want running any country, especially the one I'm living in, but if he's a total fraud, Obama was even less than that in 08.
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Howard D Owens Jr
ATTN: Tennessee Trumpsters:

Tennessee Republican Party wants to STEAL your vote TOMORROW.

We need you at 2500 21st Avenue South, in Nashville by 9:30 a.m. in plenty of time before the meeting that begins at 10 a.m.

There is a small group of Tennessee establishment insiders pulling a fast one. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN.

They want to appoint people who support Jeb Bush, John Kasich and others to represent the delegate slots that Donald Trump won on March 1 FAIR AND SQUARE!
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Charlie Goad
Your messiah Trump is a fraud. Wake up.
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Anna Bowling Parks ·
Charlie Goad . No Messiah. He hasn't ever claimed to be one. Thats been Cruz. Trumps flaws are an open book. Agree to disagree with you, but I'm pretty positive that within a year (really less) the facade of Ted Cruz will be revealed. I was disheartened as well. Registered Republican, supported W#43 and have been disheartened at my own party. This isn't about the people. They don't give a damn about us. I do believe W did. Ww will not ever win the election via R vote alone. It won't happen. And the GOP That's what is so upsetting. They'd rather have Hillary bc she won't change the status quo.
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Dillard Jenkins ·
Charlie Goad Mayberry RFD was a Hollywood creation and you buy it as reality. Living in a fantasy is evidence of your ignorance.
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Charlie Dyer ·
It's fun watching the elephants fight.
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Ewan Drix ·
Works at Liberal America
Unbeknownst to the Repulidopes, the DNC actually hired Trump to destroy their party. It's working very well.
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Mike García ·
they're eating each other and Hitler(trump) is mad..
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A Aziz Zoddar ·
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Richard Wass ·
More genius by Trump expose them before they can attack. He is the only candidate that will first expose and then clean up the political mess in this country.
It could get messy but Washington needs a cleansing
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Jerry Taylor
If the Tennessee Republican Party envolves inself in the corrupt actions of the Republican leadership in Washington, it will pay a severe price. I would hope its total destruction. All the delegates should reflect the will od the voters. You forget that the party is made up of the voters not the GOP leadership. This type of act is going on across the country and it will make 40% or more of the Republican voter stay home to punish this type of a power grab by GOP Leadership. It will validate what the Tea Party Conservatives have been saying about Washington and the GOP leadership. If total destruction of the party is necessary, to remove people who are in it for themselves and not the voters, then I will participate in that, with great regret.
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Joanne Sumner ·
Absolutely. ...
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Jeff Black
Jerry Taylor Trump delegates are bound on the first vote at the Convention. What the Republican establishment is doing is to stack the deck on Trump on the second vote if there is one. They are trying to make sure that the delegates sent to Ohio are anti Trump. If they succeed in doing that and take the nomination away from Trump that will destroy the Republican party. Hope those delegate love the in side of that convention because if Trump goes in there with more delegates and they crook him then they will have a choice. Stay in that convention or come out and face an angry mob.
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Tammie Lowe Pace
When my husband and I went to vote in Clarksville we were told that after the page for president there were several pages of names that we did not need to vote for unless we knew some of the names.
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Charlie Goad
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Jerry Taylor
I was told the same thing in West Tennessee!
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Jerry Taylor
What the Cruz supporters do not understand is that when it goes to an open Convention, Cruz and Trump will be in the same boat. Both are equally hated and considered uncontrolled by the establishment.
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Janice Resener Miller ·
Did Tennessee's governor, senators, representatives really win the elections or were they just appointed by a few people if the GOP leaders think they ultimately decide who the leaders will be based on GOP PAC donations instead of the voters? The GOP has really lost touch with the people they were elected to represent...

"All I know is that I hear Satan snickering. He loves this kind of mischief," Norris said last year. "You just dumb the good book down far enough to make it whatever it takes to make it a state symbol, and you're on your way to where he wants you."


"Bible bill expected to pass Senate"
Tennessean, Joel Ebert, 3-30-16
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Jerry Taylor
Yes it will pass. Yes it is Constitutional. Yes a large majority of the people of Tennessee want it to pass. Asked and answered!
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Janice Resener Miller ·
Jerry, I agree, but I am loosing faith that the elected leaders really listen to the people who elected them. The top priority for the politicians is more money from the congo line of lobbyists and lawyers. As a result, politicians have no idea the majority of negative challenges they place on voters and avoid debating the real issues.

Why else would Tennessee be stuck with paying billions to the companies that produce Common Core, complying to trade agreements that undermine Tn laws, or having to rely on the Obama administration’s assurances of refugee vetting;
not to mention the politics ...See More
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Dale Leighton ·
If pledged names are in fact disappering from the Tennessee delegate list it appears someone or something is having a "Be afraid; be very afraid moments of Donald Trump. As we say down south the proof lies in the puddin and if it looks walks and quacks like a duck its probably a duck.
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Jeff Black
I don't think that is what is happening. They are trying to send anti Trump delegates to the convention. Anti Trump or not they are still bound to Trump on the first ballot because that is in the rules. But when it goes to a second vote, if there is one, they will flip flop and try to take the nomination away from Trump. You people in TN really need to stop this. Your delegates are suppose to be elected by people in the Republican party not the party it's self.
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Paul Robertson
The Republicans must have BIG BUCKS at stake to be so desperate to get their hand picked lobby boy in office. Ignoring popular vote brings TOTAL distrust to a corrupt obsteructionist party. Party before country. I was open to a moderate republican but NO WAY NO HOW will I vote for a hand picked assigned candidate. That decides it for me. VOTEING Democratic no matter what now. Totally disguested
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Carl Allenburg
I assume you never notice DNC and Obama pushing hard for Hillary and against Sanders .
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Pah Hawk
What we need to understand is that these are ALL globalists and they will be equally happy with Hillary in office. Trump is the only threat as he is an outsider and less beholding to the party or the lobbyists. They are very scared of him as a president who might be outside of their "influence." They are very corrupt and they have no loyalty. They are making up the rules as they go to insure their agenda carries on. We, the people, are the ones who should be afraid as we see this group making a very public move to reveal themselves for who they really are. THEY are the threat!
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Pamela Thomas Hickey ·
Pah Hawk I agree. Look how the DNC props up Hillary and undermines Sanders. The same is happening on the right with Trump. The left hates Trump, the establishment right hates Trump...he's the man for the job. I've heard rumors that Trump is in the race to secure the Presidency for Hillary, lets surprise them all and make him win LOL.

Bob Miller
Does anyone from the GOP tell the truth?
Jimmy Carter traveled the world to make
sure election were fair, when we have the most corrupt system right here in the US.
The rich control it all! Who would you like
to be president? Give me a billion and I'll make it happen. It's that sample.
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Carl Allenburg
In reality, very few politicians from either party tells the truth. I have never seen the campaign strategy of being honest ever been attempted.
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Pee Gee
The whole aim of practical politics
is to keep the populace alarmed (and
hence clamorous to be led to safety)
by menacing it with an endless
series of hobgoblins, all of them
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William Dickenson ·
Poor Donald. Everybody is picking on him. He should tell his mama.
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Joanne Sumner ·
Why don't you tell your momma
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William Dickenson ·
Joanne Sumner But nobody is picking on me. Cept maybe you and you're not very good at it.
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Hal Shea
No surprise, Tenn recognizes there's a turd in the toilet
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Joe Maifeld ·
what? Shankles was there?
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Joanne Sumner ·
Joe Maifeld ....she left a giant one.
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Marc Lau
As a European, I wish you Americans good luck for the future of your nation as well as Western Civilization and I hope Donald Trump wins the Presidential election.
We certainly need him here in Europe at these utterly dangerous times with Islamism and Cultural Marxism spreading high and wide. I advise you and many of your fellow Americans this: Do not let your country go down the same path as the western European nations, God bless you .
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Hemp Patrick ·
#Red & #Blue #Freemason #Scum Sub-species, Sub-genetic, Sub-human scum.
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John Hauptli
let's talk about him some more.
can we please get the billionaire some more free publicity. No surprise if you show your ass people pay attention.
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John Heppell ·
When are these assholes going to wake up and realize that they are going to give the presidency to that bitch from the east. Don't they realize that Trump will run as a third party and destroy what is left of the republican party.
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Jim Vecchitto
Classy guy... you talk like that around the house??
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John Holladay ·
The GOP is as dishonest as is the Dems. What a shame. These slugs need to be removed from all party activity. Even attending - let em go and stay home.
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James Smith
WHAT?? ...GOP stealing delegates...??
No wonder even Republicans HATE Republicans.
That Republican Party of HATE does the darnedest things, eh?

Like I ALWAYS say...
NEVER trust a Republican.
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Carl Allenburg
If you trust political rhetoric from any politician you are making a mistake in my opinion,
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