Look at What the President of Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn's PAC Tweeted Today!!! Stephen Preston Who Was NOMINATED for DOD General Counsel Could Be Related to a Terrorist Sympathizer. Someone Ask Chuck Hagels People to "Check Out" His DNA?

Brad Dayspring - A Massachusetts Moderate Who Voted for Scott Brown Told Me They Don't Trust Gabriel Gomez & Might NOT Vote for Him... I Believe It's NOT Gabriel Gomez's Fault...It's the Fault of the So Called Communications Experts Leading His Campaign. The National Republican Senate Committee NRSC Hired Some "Questionable" People to Lead Social Media.... Lets Face It The Boys From Boston that Blew it for Romney..... Bill Murphy Was Hired By the NRSC.... If So The GOP Will NOT Take Back the Senate. They are Disrespectful to Women

Laura Ingraham.. Bachmann is a Grade A Loon & She Makes College Educated Moderate Women That YOU Need to Woo ... CRINGE!!!

Chris Christi Go For Christine Todd Whitman & Lets Keep Her Till 2014

Reince Priebus: Lets Close Guantanamo & Make a Summer Camp for "Friends of Cheney"......We Could Sing Songs... Have Obstacle Courses and Sack Races... We Could Put The Sacks Over the Heads of Campers to Give It That Feeling One Could ONLY Get at Guantanamo bay