CPAC Moments That Make A Moderate Cringe.... Todd Akin was EVERYWHERE... Does He Represent the Typical CPAC Attendee - The Answer is YES!!! At the St. Louis CPAC 95% Seemed to Love Him. Sharyn Says Todd Akin was NICE... Still The GOP Needs More Free Market Logical Thinking Moderates (Like Me) If They Want to See the White House BEFORE 2020...

Rick Perry at CPAC in St Louis is Asked a Tough Question by the Voice of a Moderate.... OK NOT That Tough.... Nice Glasses Governor....Finally a Fashionable GOP Leader:):)

Al Cardenas Thank You for the CPAC 2013 St. Louis Surprise.... The Voice of a GOP Moderate is NOT the ONLY Person Attending that BELIEVES in Global Warming. Alex Boznoski and His Crew Were Refreshing and Inspiring.

Adrienne Royer: I'm Looking forward to CPAC: The Voice of a Moderate Was Classified (by YOU) at CPAC 2013 in DC a Fashion Don't: Sharyn Bovat is Taking YOUR Advice for the MidWest Family Reunion & Packed a Longer Skirt:):) SEE GOP Moderates Can Compromise... Why Can't Ted Cruz?

NISSAN & DOD Whistleblower Rants About Darrell Issa - the GAO office is ...

Fix the Debt and No Labels are Part of the Clinton Machine... If the GOP Makes Ted Cruz the Nominee I'll be Looking to Work for Jon Romano... I Better Be NICE to Him.... Also Ed Gillespie IF You Need a 4th to Golf at the Manele Bay Course I'll Do It... I've Played Their Before.

Reince Priebus, Karl Rove & Ed Gillespie Good News!!! On Diversity the GOP Has a Chance to Improve... I Really Do believe That Haley Barbour Has "Evolved" UNLIKE the Current US Chamber of Commerce... Their Current Roster of Leadership is ALL White - Except for Lily Fu Claffee.

The Concept of a NeoCon Mom Cookbook is Good.... I Just Wish My Mom Spent More Time Cooking Than Spying... This is Sample of a TOP SECRET Family Recipe ....Ouch!!!!

My New Project.....

This is What the Mainstream Media is Reporting? HELLO!!!

Reince Priebus, Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie & Haley Barbour... The GOP Should No Longer Accept Attacks About the Iraqi War. It's Time to Move On!!!

Did the Daily Caller Catch the Mainstream Media Pro-Putin Coverage Cover Up?

***Update*** Where the Hell is Montenegro? Also is Iraqi Al Qaeda Reading My Blog... If So I Want YOU to Stop Terrorist Activities. It's Time To RESPECT ALL PEOPLE!!!! I Was Told Ex CIA That Worked for Erik Prince Fueled "Certain People" and Shit Happened.- I Do NOT Know If 9-11 Was Fueled By Traitors BUT I Know that the President Did NOT Have Anything to Do With the Attacks. Stop Blaming Bush. FYI- I DID NOT Vote for Bush So People That Say I'm a Bush Zombie **** YOU... The Fact is a Global Good Ole Boy Network Linked to the Russian Mafia is Guilty of a LOT of Atrocities and 5 % of the CIA is Corrupt. 95% are Hard Working Ethical People That Want Michael Vickers Fired... Americans Don't Want ANOTHER Terrorist Attack....

AEI Thinkers, Ed Gillespie, Karl Rove and Reince Priebus: The AEI Event About Al Qaeda Gave Good Insight Into National Security Threats of the Future. We Need to Neutralize the AQAP & AQI Threat NOW.. Americans NO LONGER Wants to Have Problems in the Middle East..It's STALE. Instead Lets Keep the Military Strong and Our Troops "Home Working on Infrastructure and Start the Sequel to the Cold War... The AEI Experts Reminded Me of the Shift from Southeast Asia to the USSR and Then the "Shift" to the Middle East... It's Time for the Military Industrial Elite to SHIFT the Enemy...Back to Putin & Back to Peace Through Strength. Thank You!!!.