Karl Rove & Ed Gillespie Can YOU Get Uncle Sheldon to Invest in a Free Market Solution to the PTSD Crisis - It Will Help Our Troops That Can't Get VA Appointments? Pretty Please?

***UPDATE*** Ex Karl Rove Trained Opposition Research Says a Rand Paul ~ General Petraeus BEST 2016 Ticket for GOP

Ken Paxton Wins.... He Should Give Back His Buck Revell Endorsement

***UPDATE*** Message for Meghan McCain Too: OMG!!! Is the Dunn Family Funding Those That Sent Me Death Threats? Could Karl Rove Want Me Dead. I Told the FBI Pre James Comey That I Had a Death Threat from Austin & I Even Told Dana Loesch - It's ODD She's a Ken Paxton Supporter. When i Started Supporting John Kiriakou I Got a Threat.... Huh... Is It True the CIA Says My Blogs are TORTURE? Will I Ever Get a Job with Stratfor? Craig Stamm I Can't Worik for FBI Cause i Want to Smoke Pot - I Have Iran Contra Era PTSD & a Ken Paxton Supporter Confirmed Buck Did Iran Contra Cover Up... I Emailed the Lockerbie Bombing Cover UP Team & Told Em Too...

Message to Lockerbie Cover Up Team Explains WHY I Want the TRUTH About Pan Am 103 Told - I Want Buck Revell, Frank Duggan, Richard Marquise, Darrell Mills, Sir John Orr & Brian Murtagh to STOP The inhumanity... It Makes NO SENSE for them to Keep Lying UNLESS "they" Have Something to Lose? I Lost My Family... Literally.. I Will NEVER have my Pre Lockerbie Family Back... I Know NOW in My Heart i Don't Want to See Any of Them EVER Again. It's Because They Ignored Abuse to Me After I Whistle Blew... OMG!!! I Was Trying to Save America... from "itself".... to The People That Want a Healthy America... Thank You! & To My NOW Ex Family... I Don't Hate You... I Don't Want to Humiliate You... BUT Lets Face It... By Doing "This" It Scares Others Into Acting Ethically.. & THAT is What Will Make the World Healthy. In My Heart I Want My Uncle Bill Frisbie to "Tell the Lockerbie Truth" But He's Stay Silent So Long... Maybe It's Just NOT Possible? The World Needs Other NeoKids to Speak Up... PLEASE Do It for the NEXT Generation...If There's Going to Be Another Generation? Do We Really Need So Many Nukes? OMG!! This Guy From India Today Asked Me to Blog About His New Leader... Does the Inhumanity Ever End?