Ed Gillespie & Karl Rove Fox News Reports a Presidential Pardoned Turkey Conspiracy Linked to JFK & LBJ - The Clinton Network is "Suspect" Haley Barbour Should Lead Investigation.

Whether you like the IRAN deal or not THIS will make you "almost" pee in your pants:):)

James Comey tell the FBI to Tell DHS and Congress that Their are Alternaives to Gitmo for the Detainees That Have NOT Been Fully Investigated & Tell Elizabeth Loftus I'm Using My REAL Memories to Motivate Me to Solve the Issue... Well My Memories and Some Old Hawk Mentors:):)

James Comey of the FBI and Elizabeth Loftus of UC Irvine By Looking at the National Archives I Found A FALSE Memory - OMG!!! I Was "off" By 70 Years BUT I Do Remember Clearly My Grandfather Said there was a "Formula" for the Date and It Was Linked to a Death & Ages of Grandchildren... Larry Page Thank You for GOOGLE and Al GOre Thank You for the Internet :):)

Ed Gillespie & Karl Rove: The NRSC Social Media Guy Bill Murphy Is Caught With ANOTHER Racist Twit & the NRSC Keeps Him? - The GOP Will NEVER Win the Control of the Senate with Immature Losers Like Him in Charge of the GOP Image......

Ed Gillespie & Karl Rove the MSNBC Poll Shows America Wants Jeb Bush NOW If a FOX News Poll Can Show The Same Thing....Ted Cruz it's Game On!!!

James Comey of the FBI PLEASE 'Lets Get" the Perpetrators that Did the Lockerbie Bombing That Buck Revell Mentioned In His Email to Me Today; Frank Duggan Was CC'd ... Mr. Revell Thank You For Your Reply - I Forwarded it To the United Nations and Others. Can Dan Gilbert Help Me Get My Retirement: I Think I've PROVED I Did CIA Research? Lets Get the Current TOP Lawyer of the CIA Robert Eatinger to Sign Off. Thank you!! I Just Want Closure- Kindof Like the Lockerbie Bombing Families. It's Time for the TRUTH... Frank Duggan (I'm Sure is a Nice Guy) - BUT a Lousy Spokesman - Find Someone MORE Warm & Fuzzy:):)