Ed Gillespie, Karl Rove, & Reince Priebus - Ted Cruz Makes GOP Memorable in 2013 & it's NOT the Way That Will Help the Republicans... Do Ya'll Want to Win in 2014? Time to Respect ALL People... That Means Lose the Luggage... Or Check the Rhetoric at the Door... Start Fresh with Solutions NOT Slogans....No More Dr. Seuss Being Read While Congress is in Session.... America Has Too Many Problems.... Ted Cruz Reading Stories is INSANE!!!

"Please Sir Can I have More"... GOP's Sequel to Oliver....Georgia Rep Jack Kingston - Says He's NOT Targeting "Poor Kids"... that's Bull ****

Mitt Romney PROVES He Has NO Clue About HOW Real People Live..... OMG!!!! You Don't Iron a Shirt While Wearing It.....

CPAC Fashion Don't Sharyn Bovat Looking at for 2014 CPAC Wardrobe.... Adrienne Royer It's Time to RESPECT Women in Leggings & Uggs

Karl Rove & Ed Gillespie Can YOU Tell Members of Congress it's NICE to Act Like Rep. Joe Barton & Give Visiting Whistleblower a Beverage: Thank You!!! Also Did YOU See the Letter to Mandela to the Lockerbie Bomber... Mandela Calls Him a Comrade & Had His Photo Taken w/him. HELLO - Lets Open an Investigation Into Lockerbie Bombing.. Get Frank Duggan to Testify?

This GOP Voice Admits She Has PTSD and WANTS ALL Political Parties in America to "Clean Up it's Act".... I Told a Man Today Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson DID Not "Directly" Assault the DOE Whistleblower.... He's Allies DID....