Reince Priebus, Karl Rove & Ed Gillespie I'm Having Trouble Publishing My .GOP Website Guess Ya'll Have "Kinks" to Work Out? Is Henry Barbour Controlling the APPROVED Button. Ya'll the GOP is for FREEDOM & That Includes Freedom of Speech.

Reince Priebus Tell This to Your Establishment Elitist the Voice of a Moderate (Whose Fiscally Conservative Yet Supports Gay Marriage & is Pro Choice) Endorses Ed Gillespie Because Congress Needs "Fresh Ideas" Ed;s Healthcare Proposal is the Best Alternative to Obamacare I've Seen - Do NOT Understand HOW it Can Help My Demographic BUT it Takes Away Barriers that Have Hurt Others. It Brings Back a Free Market Individual Driven Healthcare System.

Former Karl Rove Operative Op Researcher Voices Support for Childers in Mississippi Senate Race - Sharyn Bovat Worked for Henry Barbour in 90's & Says Good Ole Boy Cronyism Has Gone to Far & Congress Needs CHANGE

RNC Reince I'm Going From Ranting to the Ridicules? Sharyn Bovat Turns "Moral Outburst" into New Media Company... God Bless America:):)

James Comey (FBI), Stephen Preston (DOD) Michael Vickers (Intel Guy), James Clapper, Aaron Geduldig, Denise Natali, Mike Dorris (Credit Suisse) Dan Meyer IC Whistleblower Guy and all Others Sardar Pishdare of Kurdistan Has a Message for You... Please Read