Thank You President Obama.... NOW Can You Fix Obamacare Replace it With *** AmericaCare *** Give Everyone the FREEDOM to Choose Their Quality of Coverage. Lets Make a Low Grade Medicaid for ALL...A Banker Said it's the ONLY Fair Solution.... Don't Worry GOP Elite... It's NOT That Great...People Will Want to Work for the Employer Supplement Insurance That Provides the "Extras"...Like NON Generic Prescription Drugs... No Longer Should People That Don't Pay Taxes Get BETTER Healthcare than the Hardworking Middle Class... Lets Get Rid of the Emergency Room issues... Lets Mandate That EVERY American Gets "the Minimum" Health Care..... Call is AmericaCare!!!!

Tagg Romney & Mike Loya from Vitol - When You Google the Word "FBI" and Do an Image Search YOUR Picture Pops.... Something Tells Me YOU Boys are Getting BUSTED For Aiding IRAN - A Terrorist Nation By the Way...

Tom McClintock Right on Snowden Immunity. America Needs to Heal and a Trial Would Be To Unhealthy for Our Nation. Too Many "skeleton" are Outed from the Closet and It's Hurting America. Time to Start FRESH With NEW Ethics Guidelines. Reign in the CIA Too. Even People That Work at the CIA Want the Agency to HAVE to Follow the Rules. Too Many Mind Games.

Tell Reince Priebus and John Ryder The People of New Orleans WANT the RNC Convention in Their CIty in 2016. They Want The Governor of Their Great State Louisiana Bobby Jindal to Be the Honorary Chairman: Unless He's on the Ticket.

GOP Whistleblower Says that Sal Russo of the Tea Party Express is Corrupt and So is Tagg Romney: Someone Investigate... Remember Breitbart?

Tagg Romney - I Sent an Email to the Jewish People That Supported Your Dad... I Told Them They Act Like the Jews That Helped Fix the Ovens for the Nazis .... It's Time the Romney Family STOPPED Doing Business with Vitol Energy.. THey and the Haslam Family Do Business with IRAN.... It's Time for the Jewish Republicans to Really Care About Israel and STOP Being Hypocritical. It's Time for RESPECT for ALL People Including the 47%.