Al Gore... I'm Holding My Breath & trying to mingle with Progressives. It's not as easy at it looks:):)

When the Going Gets Tough John Boehner Goes Golfing

James Comey Please Investigate the Tom Ingram Network “If” I get killed & you’ll find him at the Jeb Bush 2016 HQ.

John Brennan CIA & James Clapper are Gonna Be at LBJ Library Declassify Stuff the SAME Time GOP Debate Happens.... Bob Dickey of Gannett What Story will Be on the Front Page of the USA Today & Other Papers?

James Comey you've got some Grade A people working to end corruption in America in the FBI & I'd like to know of if Loretta Lynch at the DOJ is gonna prosecute the people that HURT society?

God Bless America

A Tea Party Patriot Assaulted Me for Being a Moderate - I'm the Demographic the GOP Needs to WIN in 2016 .... So Be Nice - Reince Priebus Do You Control YOUR Party?