Reince Priebus iWant a better hotel than iGot in Tampa... Remember "Be Nice to Moderates".... at least after the Primary:):)

Yesterday at Brookings Institute During Discussion with Justice Stephen Breyer About His New Book We Were WARNED to NOT Ask About "Possible" Upcoming Supreme Court Decision on

Ted Cruz Was a Natural Born Citizen in 1795 ...... & For the RECORD President Obama Was Born in Hawaii Which Was "a State" at That Time.

Where's Chris Christi? He's MIA in my SPAM Ad

Yes Jeb Bush the iWatch is TOTALLY Cool:):) Great Article By Kate Knibbs of Gizmodo

If the GOP has a solution to Obamacare TELL US.... WTF are you holding back? We want affordable, quality healthcare & a nation as great as America should provide it.

At Atlantic Council Chuck Hagel (referring to Donald Trump) Says Next President Should Be Uniting the Country NOT Dividing the Country...

President Obama's FULL State of the Union Speech - & video snippet of my favorite part.

Is CNN Owned By a Friend of Donald Trump? I just don't get it. Also a person that told me last summer "if" the choice was Hillary or Trump they'd bite the bullet and vote for Hillary JUST CHANGED THEIR MIND ... the people that said they'd vote for Hillary over Trump NOW Say they'll Vote for Trump....Maybe America is Doomed Either Way.