Reince Priebus, Karl Rove & Ed Gillespie PLEASE Tell the RNC & Donald Trump I Was Told By a HUGELY Respected IC Guy to STAY AWAY FROM CLEVELAND: Evidently a Satirical Change.Org Petition MIGHT Inspire Gun Violence at the 2016 GOP Convention & I Was Told it's Possible a Lunatic MIGHT "Take Out" Some Republicans Just to See "If" Seeing Their OWN Die Changes Their Minds on Gun Control. Maybe the GOP Should Vote for Better BackGround Checks & NOT Letting Terrorist Buy Guns NOW.... Lets Make the "Family Reunion" Safe... Although the Bush Family Won't Be There & I was Told the People That Paid for MY Drinks in Tampa are NOT Going.... Is John Kasich Going?

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Maybe Assault Weapons Should Be Blacklisted & NOT Journalists? I'm NOT Just Talking About Donald Trump on the Political Blacklisting- On the DNC Side I've Learned the Dems are "Re-Reviewing" Me & i Might Get Credentialed.

Sabrina Schaeffer Please Thank the IWF's Hadley Heath for the Beauty Pageant Blog Post.... It Gave Credibility on My Assessment on Hispanics Views Toward Hillary Clinton & Why I Think Many Will STAY HOME