Seriously Google Needs to Change it's Bias on Donald Trump Google Searches

Ben Shapiro's Minions are RUDE & the National Review Should Tell Him to Tell Them to STOP!!!! If They Continue I Can Put in MY Upcoming Professional Blog ALL the Data Showing Mitt Romney & His BIG Donors Profited From IRAN: I Think "That's Why The Bully Me Cause Once the Lockerbie Bombing Truth Hits They'll Be Deemed GRADE A Hypocrites

Something to Ponder....

DOD Whistleblower Finds SOMETHING Fishy.... James Clapper, John Brennan (CIA) & James Comey (FBI) DId Verizon Hack Yahoo To Get a BETTER Deal?

Senator McConnell QUIT Bashing President Elect Trump on the Russian Hacking Narrative. iGot Proof the MSM Knows the Evidence that Russia Did the Hacking Was Provided By the DNC ... I Know YOUR Close Allies Have STRONG Ties to Clinton Foundation Donors & Some of THEM Have Strong Ties to Putin. ... The WEB of Lies is Getting Exposed.....

Ppl gave me Ehud Olmert issue to blog about. Evidently he was going to "skirt" justice BUT after I drunk blogged ppl realized that "eyes" were watching & the Israeli courts did the morally right thing. Evidently the dude is GRADE corrupt.