DOD Whistleblower Makes Suggestion to Chuck Hagel, James Clapper, James Comey (FBI), Stephen Preston (DOD), Mike Vickers, David Grannis (SSCI), Jack Livingston (SSCI) & President Obama --- AMERICANS Told Me They Want NO Taxpayer Money Going to IRAQ Unless We Get a Percentage of the Oil Profits... Pls Make That Happen. It's NOT Fair for Foreign Oil Companies To Profit & the Expense of Average America

James Clapper, Michael Vickers, Stephen Preston (DOD), Bob Litt (DNI), James Comey (FBI) I Will NEVER Understand Why Taxpayer Money is Giving to Egypt... It's NOT Just the Brutality Thing it's the Hypocrisy

James Comey Please Tell the FBI to Have a Field Office in Kurdistan Near the NEW Base That America Needs in the Middle East... Please Tell John Brennan to '"Pull" CIA Staff from Iraq - They're ONLY Complicating Things... The CIA Needs to Close for RENOVATION and Re Group.... I'm NOT Saying Disband the CIA... Just STOP & Become an Intel Agency and Give the DOD "back" Para Military Control

Spy Shots of NEW Voice of a Moderate.GOP This is the Conservative Cousin to Future Voice of a & Purple

Common Core Issue to Be Highlighted in Re-Designed Blog of VOICE of a MODERATE Launching in September

I Am Ferguson

DOD Whistleblower Learns GOP is Bullying Her Wants James Comey & the FBI To See if Kline Preston Used His Contacts as President of Marsha Blackburn's PAC to Slander Her.... Or is it Haley Barbour & Henry Retaliating Against Sharyn For Supporting the NOT Corrupt Candidate in Mississippi- What Happened to Me is Ridicules... If People Give Money to the GOP NRCC Their Giving Money To Cyber Bullies!!!

Robin Williams Thanks for the Memories & Rest in Peace

***UPDATE*** Chas Sisk YOU Helped Steal an Election and I Hope James Comey's Guys Ask YOU Questions and Include Gannett in RICO Case... Ya'll KNEW Bill Beck Lived in Another County... Chris Cannon YOU Too... Stephen Fotopulos Should Be JAILED>

The Gannett Owned Clarion Ledger Actually Reported Something Important About Mississippi Race - YES! Henry Barbour is a RACIST & Sad to Say It the GOP Refuses to Censure Him... Why - It's Called Cronyism and the Haley Barbour Family is CORRUPT and Destroying the GOP

James Comey - Did the FBI Stop Rogue CIA from Making Chalabi Prime Minister of Iraq.... Hey is Mike Dorris Ex FBI Guy Working on This? What About Dan Meyer the IC Whistleblower Dude? Someone Tell Annie Meenan of Salesforce iWant to Book My Flights Tonight for Dreamforce and I Need the Confirmation.... OK?