Reince Priebus, Karl Rove & Ed Gillespie the UN Foundation Misconception Event at the TriBeCa Film Festival was a Thought Turner:):)

*** UPDATE*** Ed Gillespie - Did YOU Get the Email.... OMG!! This Guy Said That I Needed to "Let it ALL Out" Told Me to Have Some Fun- Eventually I'll be Reigned In.... Since I've Said As Much As I Think is OK I Want to Be Reigned In... America Needs to "Get Healthy" & That Starts with RESPECT for WHISTLEBLOWERS - I Gave Buck Revell One Last PUNCH- It Felt Really Good Too:):) Mr. GIllespie I know Your NOT Part of the the CIA/MIA Clique Cause in the 80's They Had Me SPY on You... We Met the First Time at the San Diego Town and Country Hotel at a CRP Convention & You Wore Polyester Pants and Said They Travel Well.... We Met at a Log Cabin Club Party BUT I KNEW Cause of the Horrendous Wardrobe YOU Were NOT GAY... We Then Chatted EVERY CRP Convention for About 6 Years... AnyWay I Told Reagan's CIA Dude That YOU Were BORING & Kept Rambling About the Constitution- Said YOU Were a Good Catholic Too.. Sir- Can YOU Please Help FREE John Kiriakou- MODERATE Voters Don't Like Torture. I've NOT Seen Mr. Warner SPEAK OUT.... Why? If YOU Can't Have Cathy Do It- She Seems to Be a Humanitarian That ALSO Respects the Constitution:):) Happy Easter!!!

Scott DesJarlais I Told Ya the Photo with Haslam Would Haunt You.... Look at this Video of Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam Puts Him Up for DUMBEST GOP Governor Award.... Thanks to my Viewers That Share.... It's Funny!!! Unless You Live in Tennessee

Ed Gillespie, Karl Rove and Reince Priebus GOOD NEWS Looks Like NOT ALL Republicans in Tennessee are "Complete Morons"... Judd Matheny Seems OK... Mae Beavers is a Whack Job That Wants EVERYONE W/O a Permit to Carry a Gun & Then We Have those Linked to Governor Haslam

***UPDATE*** Boys I was "right" again: Karl Rove & Reince Priebus YOU Gotta Send This Mutt Back to the Pound.....I TOLD YOU... Duh!!!

Jeremy Gaines of Gannett - Did YOU Get the Email? I Think Someone Tampered with Your Microsoft Outlook... Did I Piss Bill Gates Off... Oops I'm Sorry. I Like That Nerdy Billionaire Was Hoping He'd Give Me a Job... His People Sure DID Read My Blogs.. A LOT... Huh....