Michael Grimm is Beats Out Chris Christie for Bully of the Week….

James Comey the FBI Needs to Have the CIA STOP Monitoring Whistleblower in America… They Use Foreign Operatives to Spy on Me- I Have Proof.

Reince Priebus I Admit I Voted for Hillary in the GOP Straw Poll… BUT I Did Vote for Condoleezza & Susana Too… Even White Men Think It's Time America Had a Woman President….

Ed Gillespie & Karl Rove Did YOU Get the Email?

DOD Whistleblower Says James Comey it's Time for the FBI to Look into GREEN FRAUD… Check Out Renault NISSAN Alliance EV Charger Issues - NRG (In New Jersey) To Help I Faxed Paul Fishman of the NJ US Attorney's Office…. Haley Barbour - This "Lady Blogger" is Gonna Bring YOU Down… I'm Doing it for the King.. Not Jesus Martin Luther King!!!

One GOP Governor Indicted - 2 More to Go*

Ed Gillespie is NOT Crazy Like a Fox…. I Am:):)

Note to AEI - GOP Elite… If YOU Want the Moderate Vote the KEY is ENERGY - AFFORDABLE Energy. Most Moderate Women Want AMERICAN Energy.

Ed Gillespie Needs a Graphic Designer….

Karl Rove - Data Shows Marco Rubio Does NOT Have the Right Voice to Be President & Someone Tell AEI to Find Another Face for the Prominent Picture Spot

Karl Rove & Ed Gillespie Did Chris Christie REALLY Say That if California Does NOT Vote for Him in 2016 He'll Shut Down the Golden Gate?

Ed Gillespie - Here's Some Campaign Advice DON'T Let Haley Barbour Be YOUR Publicist & STAY AWAY from Tom Ingram and the Haslam Family.

Rudy Giuliani is SMART & KNOWS That Chris Christie NEVER Would have "RAMBLED" for Over an Hour Had He KNOWN…. He's Proven He's HUMAN.

Daily Caller Endores Haslam Appointment Shows "Coolness" The Guy Could Probably Get the New Jersey Vote Too.... Sorry Chris Christie....

Ed Gillespie & Karl Rove Better Get Jeb Ready: Chris Christie's Odds of Becoming President = to Liz Cheney Becoming Senator.... Petty NIXON Dirty Tricks... In Fashion in Jersey?